October 19
Winners 2021
These are the winners of last year that were competing for 1.15 million euro of investments, 30.000 euro in cash prizes, accelerate and skilling awards.

Best Tech Innovation by HBSAA Germany, 200k: Compular (Chalmers)

Best Business Innovation by STS Ventures, 200k: Aviant (NTNU)

Deep Tech Award by HTGF, 600k: RIIICO (RWTH)

Digital Dream Team Award by Peak Capital, 150k: Fimo Health (University of Cologne)


Female Founder Award, 10k: Junee (LBS)

Sustainability Award, 10k: Lignovations (TU Vienna)

Humane AI Award, 5k: AICAN (HHL)

Digital Audience Award, 5k: Enernite (NOVA)


Wildcard Digital Top 50: RIIICO (RWTH)

Superangel Growth Program: Compular (Chalmers)

UVC B2B Sales Bootcamp: Enernite (NTNU)

Join Capital Fast Track IC Meeting: Compular (Chalmers)

Cavalry Sparring Sessions: Aviant (NTNU)

Earlybird Partner Coaching: Compular (Chalmers)

xdeck batch #5: epiclay (WU Vienna)


Smart Chiefs Storytelling: SCALED (Imperial College London)

Schranner Negotiator Training: Together (RSM)

German Entrepreneurship Deep Dive Package: Codary (TU Berlin), mlxar (INiTS)

Microsoft Executive Mentoring: Compular (Chalmers), Aviant (NTNU)

McKinsey Problem Solving Workshop: Compular (Chalmers), Aviant (NTNU)