October 30-31, 2024
We thank our partners, a strong network of innovators and industry leaders, who enable Stage Two 2023 and promote our pan-European entreprenuerial activities. Join us on this journey.
Strategic Partners
Event Partners
“Stage Two increases the visibility of the European entrepreneurial talents and promotes Europe’s innovative strenght. Together with these talents, it is highly important for Siemens to create technology with purpose that transform the backbones of our economies.”
Dr. Peter Körte
CTO, CSO Siemens
“I am proud to be the patron of the Stage Two Start-Up competition 2021. It brings research and business together and provides excellent opportunities for student innovators and entrepreneurs. Their disruptive research and ground-breaking innovations will be a true asset to boost Europe’s competitiveness.”
Mariya Gabriel
EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth