October 19
Academic Roundtable
We gather voices of many to create a power of new.
International network initiated in 2019
Connecting leading entrepreneurship centers in Europe
Establishing a culture of sharing experiences around supporting young generation
Stage Two established the academic round tables for academic partners: representatives from university-affiliated entrepreneurship centers, research chairs, incubators and more. These events provide a 2 hour online or offline format to get to know each other better, introduce one of the participating universities, and provide some interesting insights into a hot topic from an entrepreneurship center perspective. The first round table was hosted by RWTH Aachen University with only seven participating university network partners. Since then, Stage Two had nine round tables hosted by different universities.
Upcoming meeting
Past tables
June 1, 2023
TU Munich
Strong startup support consists of comprehensive and domain specific consulting parts
January 18, 2023
TU Eindhoven
From student team to student startup
October 12, 2022
University of Tartu
Market failure that exists in the financing of research-intensive companies
May 31, 2022
WHU Vallander
Alumni management in entrepreneurship centers
December 17, 2021
DTU Copenhagen
Leveraging the network & future of the academic alliance
September 23, 2021
WU Vienna
Cross-university collaborations
June 24, 2021
NOVA University Lisboa
Technology transfer in times of Covid
March 31, 2021
Chalmers University of Technology
Universities investing into Start-ups
December 2, 2020
Erasmus University of Rotterdam
Academic entrepreneurship & spin-off programs
May 15, 2020
HHL Leipzig
Steps to strengthen a network of entrepreneurship centers
January 8, 2020
RWTH Aachen
Kicking-off the academic round tables & network